Eric Theise

Hello Tegola, or, Let's Talk about Your Vector Tile Geostack

13 Nov 2017

A Nod to Passion

A few weeks back I BARTed, with bicycle, under San Francisco Bay to retrieve a Getaround-enrolled van in Emeryville. I’d agreed to move the belongings of an expatriate performance artist from under tarps in the backyard of an Oakland home – the bungalow was to be de-verminized – to an indoor storage facility. I’d forgotten that Sten was a...

Megabytes at Kilofeet: The Telluride Ideas Festival and InfoZone

26 Nov 2016

I knew something was up when, in September 2014, some old friends contacted me about a period of time long past. Turned out they were both drafting contributions to a volume entitled Social Media Archeology and Poetics, edited by Judy Malloy, another old friend. The MIT Press brought it out in August 2016 and, being under the impression I get namechecked in...

Mapzen's OpenStreetMap Metro Extracts

30 Aug 2014

Knowing how to get started with your own copy of OpenStreetMap data has always been a bit of a challenge. Will Skora’s tweet of a few days ago indicates it’s still an issue. Eagerly downloading an entire planet file usually leads, literally, to a world of hurt for first timers. Selectively downloading an area of interest can be a good approach,...