A QuickTake and Radio Valencia Cafe

A QuickTake and Radio Valencia Cafe

28 Dec 2022

You’re forgiven if you’re thinking “surely he meant to title this A Quick Take on Radio Valencia Cafe”.

Liberty Street runs for only six blocks but it’s complicated; it’s interrupted between Sanchez and Noe Streets, and it’s split-level, divided by a lovely strip garden, between Sanchez and Church. It starts in The Mission, crests what some call Liberty Hill – passing near the 16th and Mission Community Networking improvised music Liberty Street Modern Times Bookstore Radio Valencia

Warhol, Empire, the Met Life Tower, and Me

Warhol, Empire, the Met Life Tower, and Me

03 Aug 2022

It’s tautological to say I’m resigned to being a fatalist but disappointments take their toll and I tend to set my expectations low. I learned late that the second volume of The Films of Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné was nearing publication and while Callie Angell had been gracious in crediting me in her publications for providing the clue necessary to sequence the reels...

Andy Warhol Empire experimental film durational Pop Art

For Sale: Robert Indiana 'MECCA I, II, III'

For Sale: Robert Indiana 'MECCA I, II, III'

02 Aug 2022

Pop Artist Robert Indiana was commissioned to design the basketball floor for the Milwaukee Exposition Convention Center and Arena (MECCA). The floor made its debut in October 1977 and was disassembled after the Bucks began playing in the BMO Harris Bradley Center in 1988. I don’t know the current status of the floor, only that it was saved from a salvage...

Robert Indiana Pop Art printmaking for sale

For Sale: John Wesley 'Smoke Ring'

01 Aug 2022


This painting sold in Artsy's Post-War and Contemporary Auction, September 2022.


John Wesley, who passed away in February of this year, truly had a style all his own. I became a fan through being exposed to his work in Lucy Lippard’s Pop Art and jumped when I had the opportunity in 2000...

John Wesley Pop Art Minimalism for sale



05 Jan 2020


To map a cellphone tower that mimics a tree, cactus, or another natural or man-made object in OpenStreetMap use, for example:

  • man_made=mast
  • tower:type=communication
  • mimics=palm

A list of known values may be found at Key:mimics and can be expanded as new cases arise.

Traveled deliciously in 2019. Nearly a year ago,...

OpenStreetMap fauxliage mimics tagging built environment camouflage mapping