Eric Theise


06 Jan 2020


To map a cellphone tower that mimics a tree, cactus, or another natural or man-made object in OpenStreetMap use, for example:

  • man_made=mast
  • tower:type=communication
  • mimics=palm

A list of known values may be found at Key:mimics and can be expanded as new cases arise.

Traveled deliciously in 2019. Nearly a year ago, in February, I...

TRCTR-PLLR: Faking It for Cartographers

27 Mar 2019

Fake. Like, Literally, Fake.

Fake has joined the unfortunate set of words whose definitions have become muddled beyond recognition. See literally, like, and really. Literally’s used in contexts where it means its opposite. Like became a rhythmic device, a percussive pause to postpone, briefly, revelation of the speaker’s lack of focus; a punctuation mark requiring four characters, not one.

Once meaning “not...

Hello Tegola, or, Let's Talk about Your Vector Tile Geostack

13 Nov 2017

A Nod to Passion

A few weeks back I BARTed, with bicycle, under San Francisco Bay to retrieve a Getaround-enrolled van in Emeryville. I’d agreed to move the belongings of an expatriate performance artist from under tarps in the backyard of an Oakland home – the bungalow was to be de-verminized – to an indoor storage facility. I’d forgotten that Sten was a...