Eric Theise

Mapzen's OpenStreetMap Metro Extracts

30 Aug 2014

Knowing how to get started with your own copy of OpenStreetMap data has always been a bit of a challenge. Will Skora’s tweet of a few days ago indicates it’s still an issue. Eagerly downloading an entire planet file usually leads, literally, to a world of hurt for first timers. Selectively downloading an area of interest can be a good approach,...

Friends Don't Let Friends Use EarthExplorer

27 Aug 2014

Harsh? Fair enough. But it is a direct quote from what one friend said to another when the latter asked about incorporating aerial imagery from the USGS EarthExplorer site.

I’m not going to take EarthExplorer to task for their imagery, and I’m not even going to take them to task for requiring the use of their Bulk Download Application to download a...

Status Update

27 Aug 2014

Listening to Pauline OliverosReverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970, newly arrived.

Unearthing my 16mm print of Renga which will screen at ATA tonight as part of a friend’s 50th birthday screening. An unannounced program, but $free and open, please drop by after 7:30p if you’re in the neighborhood.

Revising slides for a workshop I’m running at FOSS4G in...