Status Update

Listening to Pauline OliverosReverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-1970, newly arrived.

Unearthing my 16mm print of Renga which will screen at ATA tonight as part of a friend’s 50th birthday screening. An unannounced program, but $free and open, please drop by after 7:30p if you’re in the neighborhood.

Revising slides for a workshop I’m running at FOSS4G in Portland, Oregon, on 8 September. Same workshop will run at the NACIS Annual Meeting, 11 October, in Pittsburgh. Doing the work I’ll present in a talk, also at FOSS4G, on 11 September. Trying not to think about the talk I’ll give at NACIS Annual Meeting on 10 October.

Writing blog posts prior to launching a web site.

Staying focused.

Moving a friend’s car.

Running to the Pacific Ocean and back.