Friends Don't Let Friends Use EarthExplorer

Harsh? Fair enough. But it is a direct quote from what one friend said to another when the latter asked about incorporating aerial imagery from the USGS EarthExplorer site.

I’m not going to take EarthExplorer to task for their imagery, and I’m not even going to take them to task for requiring the use of their Bulk Download Application to download a single file. I am going to document what needs to be done if you’re having problems installing the Bulk Download Application for Mac OS X. I tweeted about the problems I had with version 1.0.4 back in April, and I get the occasional tweet about how I dealt with what I thought was a corrupted or damaged .dmg file.

The problem still exists, even though Bulk Download Application is at version 1.1.1 as of this writing. From the dialogue box, one could certainly be forgiven for thinking that the file is damaged.

'Bulk Download Application Installer' is damaged and can't be opened. You should eject the disk image.

You should Eject Disk Image.

You then need to open your System Preferences, choose Security & Privacy, Click the lock to make changes (which will force you to authenticate), and change Allow apps downloaded from: to Anywhere.

Choosing 'Anywhere' makes your Mac less secure.

This should send shivers up your back and make you curse the developers at the USGS. Lest you forget to change this back, you should immediately reopen the Bulk Download Application Installer, go through the installation steps, switch the Security & Privacy settings back to your previous settings, and Click the lock to prevent future changes. I use Mac App Store and identified developers.

At this point you should be able to run the Bulk Download Application from Applications/bda/bda.